Catfish – King Of Monkeys

Catfish – King Of Monkeys [Official Video HD]. single from EP „Morning Room“. Directed by Jenny Calinon / Rouge Poisson. Technical director, editor and colorgrading : Benoît Siegfried / Astrale. Set design by Rouge Poisson & Catfish. Produced by Astrale & Catfish.


Camilla Sparksss – Quasi Cool

“Quasi Cool” is Camilla Sparksss synth pop post-summer hit. The single celebrates the end of the heat stroke that swept across Europe the summer of ‘18, with cuttings hypnotic synths, Egyptian beats and a witty tribute to Vanilla Ice.

Written and recorded by Barbara Lehnhoff and Aris Bassetti
Produced by Aris Bassetti
Mastered by Andrea De Bernardi

© on the camper records