Sevi feat. Jen Majura – To Hell and Back

SEVI feat. Jen Majura (Evanescence) – To Hell and Back. Single from the album „Follow Me“, 2019. Music: Svetlana Bliznakova, Rally Velinov. Lyrics: Svetlana Bliznakova. Guitars: Alexandra Zerner, Jen Majura (guitar solo). Arrangement: Svetlana Bliznakova, Rally Velinov, Alexnadra Zerner, Pavlin Ivanov. Mix and Mastering: Marco Barusso. Producer: SEVI. Video: Emil Tsonchev.


Ni – Alektorophobie

Hervé Faivre | Recording at Improve Tone studio. R3my Boy | Mix. Romain Raffini I Mastering at 2R audio. Clément Dupuis | Executive production. Adrien Arnera | Administration. © 2019 Dur et Doux. Video production – Animation : Paul Chabot. Production : Les Beaux Matins. R3my Boy | Video Mastering. Coproduction by Dur et Doux.

We could just say that Ni is an instrumental rock band. We can also say that Ni is a four-headed monster. The big bad Ni has left the linear roads of the French department of Ain – from which it came – in order to live in a complex world paced by electrical sounds and varying polyrhythms. In its temple, shouts of the quartet make the windows crack, a stunning nervousness makes the walls stand and, finally, the strong foundations remove from ages to come all doubts regarding the durability of all these things. Inside, it is always like a squall: children run in all directions and parents dance around the bonfire. The waltz, the 4/4 time signature and verse and chorus structures take one last breath before being burned to ashes at the core of this fire.