Bob Spring – Heartless Land (Lyric Video) – 2020

Due to the actual situation and protests in the U.S.A. I decided to postpone the release of my solo album „I woke up like this“ to fall 2020 and release
„American Dream“ instead. I decided to do so to show my solidarity with the colored community and against social injustice. This album is a so-called concept album about the „other-America“ I experienced; The good, hard working people, the artists, the dreamers… I personally still believe in the „American Dream“, that everything is possible if you work hard on it. And I also think that the actual political situation, means, the presidency of Mr. Trump, is not just a sad joke… No, it’s a drama that is about to destroy everything I believed in. And I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way. We need to face and stand against the social injustice, the racism and the malpractice of law empowerment happening day by day.

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All songs written and produced by Bob Spring © 2014/2020 Bob Spring
Mastered by Michael Frey at Soundstall Studio

This is the opening track of the brand new „surprise“ album „American Dream“.
All the songs on the album were written on my last USA Tour.


Bob Spring – Strength of two

Here’s a brand new song I just wrote today… This is the 3rd time I played this song, music tracked and caught on video. 🙂

I’m actually going through a rough time again…as usual, hahaa! Anyways, this song is about being there for each other, especially in a relationship… I guess there’s always one part pulling and another part avoiding the responsability of dealing with the other human being. So it often comes to a point, at least in my world, where there’s one who has to be strong like two… Or as the title says, having the strength of two.
I apologize my poor explaination, I’m not much of a talker in the usual way…that’s why I write songs 😉

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