Candlebox launches their sixth album „Disappearing in Airports“

candleboxFor Disappearing in Airports, the band worked with producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland (August Burns Red, Everclear, Rivers of Nihl), cutting the record at Think Loud Studios in York, Pennsylvania. With Martin, former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen, Adam Kury on bass and the addition of guitarists Mike Leslie and Brian Quinn, the recommitment to creating music that is ‚passionate with a razor edge‘, as well as, bringing a new energy to the live show is at this records‘ core.
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Lee Aaron video for ‚Tom Boy‘ on Rock-Label TV

lee aaronEver timeless, seemingly ageless, and artistically fearless, Lee Aaron has sustained a three-decade strong career based on the powerful songwriting and vocal delivery that are at the heart of Fire and Gasoline. Feature songs like the title track, Wanna Be, Heart Fix, Bittersweet and the first single and video Tom Boy evoke shades of Led Zeppelin, Heart, Bowie, The Runaways and Fleetwood Mac while weaving in and out of Aaron’s unique artistic vision.
Here the video for ‚Tom Boy‘ of Lee Aaron

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Video der Deutschen Gothic-Band ASP auf Rock-Label TV

clip_2015-12-17-15h11m56s45„VERFALLEN“ – Am 16. Oktober 2015 erschien der erste Teil einer neuen Erzählung der Frankfurter Rock-Band ASP, die seit 15 Jahren ein breites Publikum weit über alle Genreschubladen hinaus begeistert. Charakteristisch für die ASP-Welt ist die Verschmelzung von eingängigen Melodien mit erzählerischen Texten.
Hier das Video ‚Astoria verfallen‘ von ASP

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