Video for ‚The Chosen Few‘ of Crosby feat. Dave Le Funk & Turntill on CH Music TV

‚The Chosen Few‘ – three words that not only refer to a worldwide Hip Hop organization uniting and accomodating all the cultural elements and yet reaching further. ‚The Chosen Few‘ – three words that together form but the title of a song referring to the alliance of the same name, produced by three members of TCF: Capetown’s own, Crosby Bolani, Switzerland-based producer Dave Lefunk and Swiss DJ Turntill, whose endeavors made the collaboration possible in the first place.
Here the video ‚The Chosen Few‘ by Crosby feat. Dave Le Funk & Turntill

Together, the three TCF ambassdors have created a musical hommage to the realness, the openmindedness, and not least to The Chosen Few itself. Being the musical all-rounder he is, Crosby adds his distinctive Reggae flavor to the tune, his soulful voice perfectly fusing with Dave Lefunk’s beat, who is known for his warm quality productions. Conclusively, ‚The Chosen Few‘ winds up to be a trinity: consisting of three words, three collaborating artists, and at the same time representing a bond, a mind-set, and a song alike.

Crosby – The Chosen Few (feat. Dave Le Funk & TURNTILL)
DATE: 2013/11/22
EAN / UPC: 4050486900765
LC: 18242
ISRC: DEZ651325342 – The Chosen Few feat. Dave Le Funk & Turntill
ISRC: DEZ651325343 – The Chosen Few feat. Dave Le Funk & Turntill (Instrumental)


Debut album of Bonnie & The Groove Cats with handmade Rockabilly and Rock’n’Roll

The debut Single „Train Kept A Rollin'“ of Bonnie & The Groove Cats, a cover version of the 50s original by Johnny Burnette, is bound to conquer not only the local Rockabilly scene, but also most certainly the whole of Switzerland as well as the international music scene to reign with their handmade Rockabilly and Rock’n’Roll treats. Taken from the studio album „Go Cat Go“, in stores since 22 March 2013.

The wild 50s brought optimism, skinny jeans, hot guys and sexy girls and Rock and Roll. This new way of life swept into Switzerland into the furthest valleys and gave everyone a good kick up the backside.So, we image our four friends, driven by the same restlessness and the same burning desire for redemption. What serendipity that they should encounter each other on top of a skyscraper united the through same intention. The whole story can be read on their official website.



Gotthard wins the fifth ‚Prix Walo Award‘ in the history of the band

On May 12 the Swiss Show Scene met in the MythenForum Schwyz, for the awards of the 39th Walo Award.  The winning of the Swiss Show-Oscar “Prix Walo” in the area of rock/pop was a high point in early 2013 for Gotthard.  With great pleasure, Nic Maeder and Marc Lynn were there to represent the band and to receive the Golden Star.  “This award is a great delight for us.  It both confirms and motivates us to take the same road again.”  After 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2002, this is the fifth “Prix Walo” in the history of the band and the first since the new beginning with the new band member Nic Maeder.

Exactly a year ago, in May 2012, Gotthard began their successful “Firebirth” world tour in South America.  It was also the first concert with the new singer, Nic Maeder; he dealt with the baptism of fire masterfully.  This special beginning was captured on camera by Nasson, a great Gotthard fan.  The version of “Remember it’s Me” shows tour impressions from Chile with a passionate public, who celebrated the Swiss rockers enthusiastically!