Radio Vomeer – Schaltkreis

„Schaltkreis („Circuit“)“ is the name of the first music single by the Berlin band called „RADIO VOMEER“. The band consists of the artists Herold Vomeer and Mecstreem. „SCHALTKREIS“ was mastered by the Master of Sound Stefan Kraatz.This Video is an „Vomeer Horizons“ Production. Director: Gökhan Y?ld?z. Director of Photography: Gökhan Y?ld?z. Idea and Head of Production: Herold Vomeer. Production Assistant: Erim Süelden. Camera Assistant: Hüseyin Dönmezo?lu. Cuter: Ilkan Atesöz. Location: Eskisehir / Turkey.


Chiqanne – Paradies

Chiqanne – Paradies (Official Video). Kamera: Moritz Schermbach. Choreographie: Nadja Scheiwiler & Chiqanne. Programming & Schnitt: Fabian Chiquet. Produced by Alex Sprave & Fabian Chiquet. Mixed by Alex Sprave. Recorded at Jazzanova Studios Berlin. Song written by Fabian Chiquet & Anna Gosteli.


Max And The Ducks – Snowman

Max and the Ducks are: Erja Siljamo, Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen. Musicians with Ducks: Sammy Roiha and Jaakko Roiha. Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde.

Snowman tells about children. Childen are fragile as snowflakes. It is our job as grownups to take care of these fragile snowflakes. Snowman is very peaceful song and has spiritual moods with polyphonic singing, almost like angel choir singing.
The cover of the song is painted by Kreetta Vainikainen. Kreetta lives in Finland but joined with his Dutch spouse Marcello the release event of Everything has its time in Spain this July. At this same night Marcello asked Kreetta to marry her. This lovely couple has just found out that Kreetta was pregnant. Soon after the relase event Erja asked Kreetta to make the painting for the cover of the Snowman. Kreetta tells about the painting process: ”My pregnancy has just started but I already knew that this song is going to be very emotional for me and the painting process will be effortless. That was exacly what happened! When I heard the story behind the song I just saw the idea and the colours of the painting in my head. Painting was created very easily. Erja brilliantly finished the cover and add the texts. I believe that artists are going to co- operate more in future and that I find that very rewarding. I am so grateful to be a part of this creative process. I am sure that the story and the song will always be a part of our childs life.”